Wax Melts – Jordyn’s Jubilee – Grands Collection


Hand-poured wax melts


The Grands Collection is inspired by each one of my beautiful granddaughters. Just like my girls, every scent is unique and appealing.

Jordyn’s Jubilee was created for my sweet Jordyn Marie.

Get ready to be swept away by Jordyn’s Jubilee. This fragrance is like a breath of salty ocean breeze mixed with the fresh air. It’s that feeling you get when you’re by the water, and everything just feels so alive. Close your eyes and let the scents take you to that happy place. 🌊

It’s like a tropical getaway in a little chunk of wax. Think nectarine, bird of paradise, and water lily vibes upfront, and then you dive into passion flower, orchid, and hyacinth. It’s like taking a plunge into a beautiful underwater world. And guess what? You’ll keep coming back for more because it’s got that kick of fresh air and salt water that just feels amazing. πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

Key Highlights:

  1. Chill Vibes: Jordyn’s Jubilee captures that chill vibe of salty air and the cool breeze that makes you feel alive. It’s all about good times and good feels.
  2. Layers of Fun: Paradise Reef is like a layered cake of awesome scents. First, you get the fruity trio – nectarine, bird of paradise, and water lily. Then it’s all about the floral crew – passion flower, orchid, and hyacinth. Dive in and let the fun begin.
  3. Lasting Aroma: We’ve cooked up these fragrances to stick around for a while. Slow release, so you get that awesome scent hanging around for longer.
  4. Crafted Cool: We’ve put the good stuff in there – top-notch ingredients to give you those legit vibes.
  5. Easy Breezy: Pop that fragrance diffuser wherever you want to bring in the chill – living room, bedroom, wherever. Let the vibes flow.
  6. For Anywhere: Whether you’re hanging at home or in the office, these fragrances are like a mini getaway wherever you put ’em.
  7. Escape Reality: We’re bringing the vacation feels right to you. Get a whiff and you’ll feel like you’re on a trip.
  8. Good Vibes Only: We’re all about doing good, not just smelling good. Cruelty-free and eco-conscious – that’s how we roll.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Easy Peasy: Open up the fragrance diffuser.
  2. Place and Relax: Pop it where you want the vibes – simple as that.
  3. Let it Flow: Sit back, relax, and let the sweet scents of Jordyn’s Jubilee or Paradise Reef surround you.


  • Keep ’em away from kids and pets.
  • Don’t use the diffuser in weird ways.
  • Keep the space well-ventilated when you’re diffusing.

Kick back and enjoy the good vibes of Jordyn’s Jubilee. It’s like bottling up the beach and the ocean breeze – just for you. Get into the zone and let these fragrances take you to your happy place, wherever that might be. 🌴🌺🌞

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Jordyn's Jubilee

Shotties – 2oz, Shotties – 1oz, Hearts – 4pk


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