2024 Spring Wax Melts – Baja Cactus


Highly scented wax melts poured right here in Waco, Texas.

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🌵 Immerse yourself in the vibrant oasis of Mama Crow’s Baja Cactus Wax Melts, where the desert meets the tropics in a celebration of alluring scents. 🏜️ Imagine a burst of green citrus dancing in the air like a sunlit fiesta, awakening your senses to the rhythm of the Baja breeze.

As the melody unfolds, sweet coconut floral notes take center stage, creating a tropical symphony that transports you to sandy shores and sun-kissed palms. It’s a sensory vacation, where every inhale is a sip of exotic freshness. 🥥🌺

The base notes of musk and sandalwood add a touch of clean elegance, like a gentle breeze carrying the essence of adventure. Each melt is a journey, a passport to the carefree vibes of Baja California. Close your eyes, and you can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the sand beneath your toes.

With Baja Cactus, your space transforms into a haven of relaxation, where the spirit of the desert and the allure of the tropics coalesce in perfect harmony. 🌴✨ Let the magic of Baja Cactus Wax Melts whisk you away to a world of endless summer vibes. 🕯️🌈 #DesertDreaming #TropicalEscape #BajaCactusMagic

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Baja Cactus

Shotties – 2oz, Cactus – 4pk, Texas – Lrg


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