Wax Melts – Toasty Marshmallows – Winter Collection


Hand-poured wax melts


Introducing Mama Crow’s Toasty Marshmallows Wax Melts: A Cozy Campfire Experience 🏕️🔥

Get ready to relive the warmth and nostalgia of sitting by a crackling campfire on a cool, crisp evening with Mama Crow’s Toasty Marshmallows Wax Melts. These melts capture the irresistible aroma of marshmallows toasted to perfection over an open flame, transporting you to the heartwarming ambiance of a campfire gathering with friends and family.

Fragrance Profile:

  • Top Notes: Marshmallow, Vanilla Cream
  • Middle Notes: Smoked Wood, Brown Sugar
  • Base Notes: Warm Embers, Musk

🔥 Top Notes: Marshmallow and Vanilla Cream The journey begins with the sweet, fluffy scent of marshmallow, inviting you to reminisce about roasting these delightful treats. Vanilla cream adds a creamy and comforting layer to the fragrance, setting the stage for a sensory experience that’s as cozy as it is inviting.

🏕️ Middle Notes: Smoked Wood and Brown Sugar As the scent unfolds, you’ll discover the earthy aroma of smoked wood, evoking the essence of a real campfire. The subtle sweetness of brown sugar balances the smokiness, creating a harmonious middle note that captures the essence of outdoor gatherings.

🌟 Base Notes: Warm Embers and Musk Finally, the fragrance settles into its base notes, where the warmth of glowing embers and the sensuality of musk take center stage. These base notes provide depth and a lasting impression, much like the memories created around a campfire.

Key Features:

  • Campfire Nostalgia: Mama Crow’s Toasty Marshmallows Wax Melts let you relive the joys of roasting marshmallows by the campfire, complete with stories and laughter.
  • Sweet and Smoky: The blend of marshmallow and smoked wood creates an inviting and comforting aroma.
  • Lasting Warmth: With warm embers and musk, this fragrance promises a lasting and cozy ambiance that envelops your space.

Transform your space into a cozy campfire gathering with Mama Crow’s Toasty Marshmallows, where every note harmonizes to create a symphony of irresistible scents. Whether you’re reminiscing about outdoor adventures or simply seeking solace in the comforting embrace of a campfire, this fragrance promises to delight your senses and warm your heart. 🔥🌌🏕️

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
Toasty Marshmallows

Shotties – 2oz, Shotties 1oz, 10pk Hearts


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