2023 Halloween Wax Melts – October Magic


Hand-poured wax melts

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Introducing Mama Crow’s new Fall Wax Melts, “October Magic,” where the enchantment of autumn comes alive in a captivating scent. 🍂🕯️

This earthy fragrance begins with top notes of zesty lemon and crisp apple, instantly whisking you away to a fall orchard, where the air is filled with the essence of ripe fruit. As the scent evolves, it unveils middle notes of anise, cinnamon, and ginger, creating a warm and spicy heart that’s reminiscent of cozy gatherings and comforting spices.

The journey culminates in well-rounded base notes of woods, musk, and vanilla, adding a touch of earthiness and depth to the aroma. These wax melts capture the essence of fall’s magical transformation, from the vibrant colors of the leaves to the cozy warmth of home.

Light up October Magic Wax Melts and let the spirit of autumn fill your space. It’s the perfect fragrance to celebrate the beauty of the season, whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening indoors or hosting festive gatherings. 🍁🍂🕯️

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October Magic

Shotties – 2oz, Shotties – 1oz, Fall Mix – 6pk, Snap Bar – 2oz


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